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Habitación de Escape Room Barcelona

We are pleased to welcome Guest at Room Of Riddles Barcelona and proud to share a couple of reviews that made us really Happy from international Clients that recently visited us:

"Great Clues"

April 2016

"We did the Art Collector room and the clues were great. There were only 2 of us so I was worried that we were going to be overwhelmed with the complexity of the clues and/or not have enough time to finish. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how the clues were challenging but still allowed ample time to escape. (We escaped with 3 minutes to spare.) My husband and I have done escape rooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Kansas City. This was our 11th and definitely one of the better ones. Our game master Pau was a cheerful and gracious host. Really made our last night in Barcelona!"



The Best Time!!! Awesome awesome!! Three generations enjoyed it immensely!"

April 2016

"My daughter (12), mother (80) and I enjoyed this so much. After much touring and learning and absorbing of Barcelona's wonderful and amazing sights I thought a diversion of sorts would be nice. It was such a great time. Solving the puzzles, enjoying the creative process and thought that went into the room/puzzles, appreciating the staff...I give this the highest recommendation."


Team of Room Of Riddles Barcelona