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Escape Room, Sailing Experience, Photo Treasure Hunt, Segway, Drinks & Ferrari Drive


Teambuilding for small & large groups

Room of Riddles is designed for corporate small & large teams. Because the timeframe is limited to 60 minutes (and the clock is ticking), an environment is created in which not only people's true personalities become visible but more importantly: the team roles. A manager or coach can join the Game Master in our live-view room, where we can watch and listen to the live games via big screens. This is a great way to monitor the team.Team building is the most important investment you will make as it builds trust, moderates conflicts, stimulates communication, gives a boost to the teamwork and create more committed employees that are essential at any company.


Escape room activity Room of Riddles Barcelona and more

We are able to attend small & large groups as to give you the opportunity to enjoy a teambuilding day with as many employees as you want! Our escape room activity can be played by 18 people at the same time as we have three escape rooms each which can be played by 6 people. As Room of Riddles Barcelona is more than happy to attend larger groups we organize more activities which can be done by the rest of the team while the other players are trying to escape from the rooms. We organize those activities in a certain way that all activities can be done by the whole group without waiting for each other. For example if you are a group of 36 people you should divide your group into two teams. While team 1 (18 people) is trying to escape Room of Riddles Barcelona team 2 (18 people) will be doing another activity (of your choice) that lasts as much as the escape room does.  


Sailing Experience

If you are planning to make your team building day unforgettable and very special we will be more than happy to realise this plan with the exciting experience of Sailing. A Sailing experience is an excursion far from the daily routine that allows your team to feel at ease with the music of their choice, hear the sound of the wind and feel its magic and enjoy the view of Barcelona from the sea. This is a relaxing activity which can give your employees a relief that will make their productivity increase as we all need to unwind once in a while to boost our energy levels. To make this Sailing Experience suitable for a team building day we will organize an activity on board. Our professional Skipper will give the team instructions about Sailing and will let them sail the boat using their teamwork skills. You can include the Sailing tour starting from 39 euros per person.

Photo Treasure Hunt

One of the activities Room of Riddles Barcelona can organize for your team is a Photo Treasure Hunt which is an outdoor activity where the players should find hidden objects or places. Like the escape room the Photo Treasure Hunt activity is also suitable for team building, as the players should play in teams and constantly communicate with each other. This activity will increase morale in the company as it makes your team socialize and know each other better which is positive for their productivity. Knowing each other better means better teamwork at the company as the employees will understand and learn about each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests. To combine the Photo Treasure Hunt activity with the room escape activity is very effective as both activities require teamwork and a good communication. You can include the Photo Treasure Hunt activity starting from 18 euros per person.


Segway Tour

Beside the Photo Treasure Hunt we offer you to combine the escape room activity with a fun Segway tour. This tour will be an easy and fun experience for your team and will create a special memory that they will always have. Even if the employees doesn´t know how to ride a Segway you are able to choose this activity as it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to learn how to ride a Segway. This tour will be a new and fun way to discover more of our beautiful city Barcelona. This activity will affect the working atmosphere as you will realize a positive difference in the workplace the very next day. The secret behind that positive change will be the relationships, trust and companionship the employees built with each other during those activities. You can include the Segway tour starting from 29 euros per person.



We understand you may want something simple, loved by everyone and yet fun to combine with the escape room activity therefore we can organize a drink at the bar next door. This combination is also great as the employees get the chance to talk with each other about their experience at the escape room and other things while they are in a nice and informal atmosphere far from the office. This atmosphere will work as an instrument to bond the team and if there are any employees that doesn´t know each other this will be the perfect ice breaker. You can include the drinks for 2 euros per person.  


Ferrari Drive

Last but not least Room of Riddles Barcelona is also able to organise an exclusive drive in a Ferrari for your team building day. This activity will allow your team to discover Barcelona on a different way driving/having a ride in a luxury car. The Ferrari drive will be done by three employees in tandem as one will be driving and two will be enjoying the ride in the luxury Ferrari. This activity is fancy, full of excitement and will be an unforgettable experience as a regular person doesn't drive a Ferrari regularly. This activity (as well as the other activities listed above) will boost the energy levels of your employees and will make them talk about that day for long! You can include the Ferrari Drive starting from 49 euros per person.


Team Building Escape Room


Room of Riddles hosted team outings for many great companies in different branches:

Danone (food)
ABN Amro (banking) (travel)
UWV (government)
G-Star (fashion)
Muelhstein Colombia (petrochemical)
AFM (semi-government)
De Bijenkorf (fashion)
Mirabeau (online marketing)
ING (banking)
Kempen & Co (banking)
GroupM (media)
ConversionMob (online marketing)
Sandvik (mining)
Rabobank (banking)
Kaspersky Lab (software) 
Brunel (consultancy)
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (hospital)
Time Sparebank (banking)