Room of Riddles Barcelona & Escape game kids

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What we offer

As Room of Riddles Barcelona welcomes everyone of any age we are also more than happy to welcome your kids to their most exciting experience. We are pleased to adapt our rooms 'The Harbour Master Academy' and 'The Art Collector' to the age of your kids as to have the rooms suitable and possible for the kids to escape from. There will be many things to find as kids just love searching and finding things. This will be a great offline experience for your kids as well a chance to put the cellphones aside and enjoy playing with each other. Are you planning an entertaining activity, birthday party or you just want to have great time with your kids and play with them? Then Room of Riddles Barcelona will be the place you and your kids want to come to!

The setup of the activity

At our escape games in Barcelona we can host team from 2 to 18 as we have three escape rooms for you to escape from! Each room is suitable for a maximum of six, less will not be a problem off course. We offer you two identical rooms which have the theme of ´The Harbour Master Academy´. These will be perfect for a group consisting of 10-12 kids as they can compete with each other in two teams. The winning team will be the Harbour Master of Barcelona! Do you have a bigger group? ´The Art Collector´ escape room can be added, which is also suitable for six. We will guarantee that we will make it possible for any team to have fun and escape!  


Improve your kids development with Room of Riddles escape game Barcelona

An escape room experience is able to make your kids discover how to follow guidelines and an established order to achieve a particular goal, which is to escape in this case with a limited time. The will of achieving that goal will make your kids concentrate for 60 minutes or more and that will increase their intellectual development. As the kids want to have that sense of accomplishment they will work with each other as a team to escape and that will not only increase their social skills but also their self-esteem. This teamwork will give your kids a chance to give their ideas and listen to others as they learn how important it is to be open to the ideas of others. All those ideas and the essay of realizing them will give your kids creativity a boost. Our Escape Games in Barcelona is the place where your kids can break out the routine (which is also very important for the development of the kids) and have an educational fun!


The safety of your kids

The safety of the kids is the first priority of Room of Riddles Barcelona. The game is not dangerous and the stories of ´The Harbour Master Academy´ and ´The Art Collector´ are not scary or intimidating. There will be a gamemaster behind the screens supervising the game at all times as the rooms of Room Escape Barcelona have camera's in every corner. The gamemaster will yet explain to the kids that there is an emergency key inside an envelope attached to the door, which is by the way never used until now! The kids can open the door at any moment with that key although if anything happens the gamemaster will be there before the kids even reach to the key. The gamemaster will also explain the presence of a phone inside the room which can be used to give them clues if needed. Although the presence of the camera´s and gamemaster it´s required that every team of kids has one adult included.  


Room of Riddles Barcelona offers more

At Room of Riddles Barcelona you can make the party of your kids complete. We understand you may not have the time to organize a party after the activity of Room Escape Barcelona so we offer you the possibility to include a special activity of your choice in your reservation. We can organize a snack party at the next-door bar, where you can also bring your cake to! The price of the snack party varies between 4,5 and 8 euros per person depending on your choice of the snacks and drinks while making the reservation. For those who want something more exciting Room of Riddles Barcelona offers other activities that can be made after the escape room. We organize activities like photo treasure starting from 18 euros per person, Segway tours starting from 29 euro´s per person and sailing tours starting from 39 euro´s per person.