We entertained thousands of people during the thrilling real-life escape game Room of Riddles worldwide.

Please note that if you want to book for 7 to 12 players (this is currently the maximum group size), you can book 2 rooms and play a multiplayer game! You can do this by selecting the group size per room.  E.g.: you want to come with 8 people, then book 2 rooms each for 4 persons. 

                                             Sunday-Thursday                           Friday-Saturday

2 people                              24,00 euro                                       29,00 euro

3 people                              18,00 euro                                       22,00 euro

4 people                            16,00 euro                                       18,00 euro

5 people                            15,00 euro                                       17,00 euro

6 people                            14,00 euro                                         16,00 euro

All prices are per person, include VAT and a complimentary drink.