The Best Escape Game Room of Riddles

Room Of Riddles Barcelona is Barcelona' greatest mystery. A real place filled with riddles, puzzles, intrigue, and magic. It is an escape game that anyone can play. All you have to do is enter the room and begin to explore, many things are not as they seem, but luckily you won't be alone. Room Of Riddles Barcelona is best played with a few clever teammates - whether it's with friends, family, coworkers or even a first date - the more brainpower the better. 

Room Of Riddles Barcelona, of course, contains a secret. A true Escape Game that leads to something amazing. You will have one hour to explore the room and tackle the mysteries that lead up to escape.  It is your own epic adventure - someplace between an escape game, an adventure movie, and a live action mystery, you and your friends will find yourself immersed in this real challenge with real treasure on the line.


Team of Room Of Riddles Barcelona